Estate and Community Management

DEMAPP is a community and estate management solution. The focus is to deliver seamless communication and management of any closed community with security as a backbone.

A Community and Estate Management Solution

The Application provides a convenient and affordable platform for residents to manage visitors, facilities, collaborate with estate management authority, support services and most importantly have a 360 view of their visitors at their fingertips. 
Real-time and instant reporting of your visitor traffic so you know who’s on-board and reason. DEMAPP securely stores all your visitor data so you can retrieve it anytime.  

Visitor's Management​

DEMAPP seamlessly manages your visitors record from visit request to checkout, generating e-gate pass for your visitors.

Panic Buttons

In case of emergency such as, fire, medical, Armed robbery, domestic assault, alert can be triggered to configured correspondence for assistance

Service Provider

With DEMAPP, a community can manage her approved service providers, thereby tracking the activities of service providers.

Information Management​

Manage your resident’s information from their first day in your community to their last day in the community, and if such resident choose to come back.

Finance Management​

You can leverage the capability of the finance management feature of DEMAPP in order to ensure accountability of service charges in the community.

Service Provider

Have an overview of your community in our management dashboard, knowing who lives where and having the identity of your resident at your fingertips


Residents get notice with a notification once any message issue by the management committee like general notice, upcoming event notice, maintenance notice, etc


The Market place offers you a market avenue where residents can showcase their products (buy and sell) on the app within the community.


Integrate and extend your DEMAPP to other third parties software for data reporting, automation, and more